4 Key Milestones of Theodore Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy

When Theodore Roosevelt succeeded William McKinley as president in 1901, he was conscious that The usa was in a unique global place than it had been just a few many years earlier. The United States experienced been a continental empire given that its founding, but as a result of the Spanish-American War in 1898, it had ventured outside of its land borders. It claimed Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines as U.S. territories, built Cuba a U.S. protectorate and annexed Hawaii.

The united states was now an abroad empire, and Roosevelt imagined it crucial for the U.S. to wield the form of energy in earth affairs that European empires did. He thought U.S. interests have been world-wide passions, and that it was basically good for “civilized” nations—among which he counted the United States—to intervene in other countries’ affairs.

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