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Also to invest in meme tokens it is good to prepare yourself, understand how they work, and follow the market and also the projects that are having a greater following. In this section, we point out all the main resources that can be used to learn more about this specific market – from the forums that follow the most important projects, to the videos that can help us study the main projects.

Although it might seem like an investment without a great intellectual commitment, our advice is to know in depth both how it works and the qualities of each individual project.

Best Meme Tokens Forums

Forums can be a good starting point to get to know not only individual meme token projects but also the industry as a whole. We report here the best ones that allow us to have discussions of value – and also to clarify any doubts we may have in relation to the world of cryptocurrencies.

  • CryptoInTalk

It’s one of the leading English-language forums – and one of the few that doesn’t focus primarily on a single cryptocurrency. It is one of the best to follow new meme tokens as well. For us to keep as a favourite if we are cryptocurrency investors.

  • Reddit

Each of the major token meme projects is usually dedicated to subreddits, which means that we will be able to find well-organized discussions on the token that perhaps interests us the most.

  • Bitcointalk

The historical forum that deals with Bitcoin also has a section – albeit often poorly tolerated – that deals with alternative tokens. Sometimes we end up talking about meme tokens and Dogecoin in particular. For us, however, an excellent starting point for discussions and learning more about the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  • Twitter

While not technically a forum, it remains the best social network to stay hooked on the news stream coming from the world of meme tokens and cryptocurrencies in general. For this reason, we advise all those who want to be directly involved in this movement to open their account and start following our handle as well.

  • contains quotes for a large number of meme tokens, which it typically makes from exchanges. These are generally discussions between investors – and therefore mainly analyze the price of the token.

Video tutorial to follow on Meme Tokens

There are many channels on Youtube that talk about cryptocurrencies and specifically about meme tokens. However, not all of them are run by people who care about the truth and actually explain how things stand. 

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Better Facebook groups on Meme Tokens

Facebook is one of the most used social networks to discuss cryptocurrencies and even meme tokens. However, not all groups can be considered useful to the cause. For this reason, our editorial team has selected three different channels, which offer more space for newly released meme tokens – or even historical ones.

  • Cryptocurrency speculation

A Facebook group with over 35,000 subscribers and which is one of the most important when it comes to alternative cryptocurrencies. The themes vary a lot, even if the main focus remains that of meme tokens – which are today the most interesting speculative material for those looking for very short-term earnings.

  • Cryptocurrency Collectors Club

A group with over 75,000 members and which deals at 360 ° with investment cryptocurrencies, not without excursions even in the perilous territory of meme tokens. Great for those who want to be part of a very lively community that talks 24/7 about tokens with a high potential growth rate.

Telegram & Reddit Meme Tokens

Let’s go back to talking about channels that we had already partially analyzed in our guide because they remain alternative but fundamental to get an interesting overall picture regarding the world of meme tokens. Here we report the best Telegram and subreddit channels to keep yourself informed about tokens of this type, the subject of our analysis today.

  • Reddit/r/Cryptocurrencies

It is the subreddit that is dedicated to news regarding cryptocurrencies in general. And here we also find constant updates on all the major tokens of the moment – many of them in their own right within the meme category.

  • Telegram: Meme Token

The channel theme is pretty simple to understand. We take care, in a very free chat, of all those who are the main meme tokens of the moment, with space also for managers to propose their own projects. The pace is frenetic – and before investing, we can only advise our readers to try and find out more elsewhere.

  • Reddit/r/Dogecoin

It is the official Dogecoin subreddit and one of the best channels to find out about the evolution, technological and in terms of memes, of the movement’s founder cryptocurrency.

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