How To Use Nature In Guided Imagery


Guided meditation and guided imagery scripts thrive on images of nature. The relaxing feelings we enjoy when we’re in nature can be readily captured in a good meditation script, and relayed to the listener.

Soothing nature scenes – a mountain stream, a forest, or the ocean waves – instantly make one feel comfortable and at peace, and that helps open us up to positive suggestions, healing, and other aims of guided imagery.

Nature is the entryway to a level of peace and inner healing that we don’t often experience in normal everyday life at this point. It’s the antidote to the hyper-stimulation we receive from media, and in many ways it’s the answer to the body’s need for peace.

By imagining being in a nature setting, our nervous system responds the same way as if we were there, winding down, relaxing, and letting go of stress. The colors, sounds, and smells of a garden easily captivate our attention, and send us into trance. In writing a guided meditation script set in nature, specific bits about the scene help people key in readily.

Simply mentioning the way a ladybug makes its way up a blade of grass and flies off creates a sense of place in the listener, a vivid feeling of being in the scene described. Adding in mention of the smell of the wet earth brings in a more three-dimensional quality to the experience, more powerful than any 3D movie.

Once the listener has entered the state of mind induced by such imagery, it’s much easier to help them receive positive suggestions or other input, and that input tends to be then associated with the positive feelings brought about through the nature-inspired induction. For example, a weight loss program that aims to help a listener eat less could be potentially threatening to someone deeply attached to overeating. But when paired with the good feelings of being at the seashore, listening to ocean waves, it becomes a friendly, hopeful and helpful suggestion much more easily received.

In nature we find abundant metaphors to help us relax about difficult problems in life. The rhythm of the tides is similar to periods of lack and prosperity, and the cycles of life in the forest can be related to birth and death to help a listener with the loss of a loved one. The possibilities of using nature in guided imagery are endless, limited only by the imagination.

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