Lesson of the Day: ‘Shifting Norms on Tattoos in Japan’

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Highlighted Article: “Shifting Norms on Tattoos in Japan” by Hikari Hida

In current many years, beliefs about tattoos have been transforming in Japan, in particular among youthful individuals who invest time on social media.

In this lesson, you will learn about these changing attitudes. Then, you will style an art show using pictures and offers from the report.

In your journal, respond to the inquiries underneath:

  • Do you like tattoos? Would you like to get one someday? What design and style would you get?

  • How do the men and women in your everyday living, like your dad and mom and pals, come to feel about tattoos? Do they typically have constructive thoughts? Why or why not?

These prompts had been taken from a 2021 Pupil Impression question: How do you come to feel about tattoos? If you want, you can examine what other learners had to say.

The write-up you are about to go through features eight key vocabulary terms. Test out the list down below and see how numerous words and phrases you recognize and can outline.

1. norm
2. taboo
3. prohibit
4. expose
5. hurdle
6. barista
7. effect
8. prospect

To master all of the phrases, test out this list on Vocabulary.com.

Right here are two expressions that also seem in the short article: “go for it” and “bit by bit but steadily.” Do you know what either of these necessarily mean? Can you use them in a sentence?

Read through the report down below, or as a PDF, and then solution the pursuing questions:

1. What damaging associations do people have about tattoos in Japan? How do these have an effect on folks who have tattoos?

2. How are some of the damaging associations transforming?

3. What function has social media played in these modifying norms?

4. What is your reaction to the standpoint on tattoos by Rion Sanada, the higher schooler quoted at the finish of the article?

What is your reaction to the write-up? Did it alter any of your beliefs about tattoos? What was astonishing or intriguing about it?

Now look at out a fuller version of this posting, titled “Discreetly, the Younger in Japan Chip Away at a Taboo on Tattoos.” What tale do the photos in it inform? Primarily based on what you just browse, what three images do you believe that are the most important to telling this story? Why?

Eventually, explain to a tale of your own via illustrations or photos. Initial, discover a few pics on your camera roll that are linked in some way. Possibly they all aspect your canine, a activity you engage in, a put you like to hold out, or a mate or loved ones member. Set them in an purchase that, like the photographs in the interactive you clicked through, make clear anything or tell a minimal tale. Ultimately, write small captions for every single that convey to that tale. Don’t forget about to share your generation with other individuals to see what they believe!

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