Nature Of Sales Manager’s Position


Sales Manager; Reporting to the vice president of Marketing.

Job Objective
The primary objective is to get maximum volume of sales through effective development and execution of sales programs and sales policies for the products sold by the division.

Responsibilities and Duties.
The sales manager is concerned with following job objectives:-

Sales Program.
The sales manager designs detailed sales program to improve the competitive positions reduce selling and other distribution expenses and achieve established sales goals.

The sales manager reviews and approves sales policies, sales static’s and pricing policies for all the products to ensure profitability.

The sales manager prepares an effective plan for the organization in which all the activities are carried out for the members of the sales organization which makes it easy for the sales members to peruse and get the results on time.

The sales manager provides leadership both to immediate subordinates and all levels of sales organization in establishing a sound basis for each individual’s self development and in making certain that rewards are in line with the responsibilities and performance.

Sales force management.
The sales manager discovers promising sources for the recruitment of new sales personnel and sets standards for the selection of the most promising new personnel from among recruits.

The sale manager provides training to new personnel so as to achieve high level performance in the shortest period of time and prepares them for possible future promotions.

The sales manager ensures the sales force are properly motivated, so as to achieve optimum sales performance.

The sale manager establishes a system of supervision that controls waste and inefficiency and points sales efforts into the most profitable channels.

The sales manager develops effective working relations with other departmental heads and the general manager so that sales developments can be translated into courses of action.

The sales manager develops relations with the key accounts that provide maximum long term participation in their available business.

The sales manager develops and maintains effective working relation ships with sales ,trainings and other key personnel in the employ of customers in order to ensure that the cooperation is beneficial to both the parties.

The sale manager keeps the higher heads of their organization informed about the sales results and future plans of action and operation.

The sale persons keeps a track of overall departmental sales activities,objectives,results, and problems and keeps sales manager informed about the same.

The sales manager keeps lesion with production manager so that the rate of production is geared as closely as possible to actual sales needs.

The sales manager reviews and approves sales and expense budgets and evaluates periodically the performance of all sales activities in relation to budget and sales goals and corrects the same as and when required.

The sales manager ‘s performance is considered satisfactory when the
– Profit contribution of the sales department is in line with the plan.
– The details of the sales plan are in writing and acceptable to marketing management.
– The turnover is satisfactory.

Mohd. Younus Rathore

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