Psychic Feelings


A lot of people experience psychic feelings and are not aware that they are experiencing them. Almost every person that you speak to can tell you a story about a time in their life when they had a feeling that something was wrong. Maybe they felt like something was wrong with someone else and sometimes they were not sure what was wrong they just knew that something was. That sense of impending doom is actual psychic feelings or intuition. You sense that something bad is about to occur but you cannot quite put your finger on what it is.

Other psychic feelings that people have and do not realize happen when they meet someone. We have all met people who immediately made us feel uneasy or on edge. We have all met people that immediately made us feel as if we had known them for our whole lives. We all get these feelings and intuitions when we meet people. Some of us say that we are good at reading people and some of us say we are good at judging character but in fact we are experiencing psychic feelings about the individual we just met.

Sudden urges to do something or to not do something happen to everyone. People are quick to tell you that children automatically know when someone is a good person that likes kids because the child will automatically befriend the individual. This is because children are more in tune with their psychic feelings than the majority of adults are and they pick up on the little vibrations the other person sends out. As we grow older we lose our child like faith and we stop trusting our own intuitions but really we should be embracing these feelings and learning how to read the ones we have.

Women have powerful senses of intuition about dangerous situations but frequently they overlook these feelings because they were taught to be polite and to not hurt people’s feelings. Actually everyone should tell their daughters that if they meet someone and something tells them the other person is just not right then avoid them. It does not matter if the other person is a friend’s father, the pastor of the church, or a teacher. If you have psychic feelings about a person you should trust your feelings at least until you see what they are all about.

There are people who have these feelings and they are so strong that the individual can actually predict things that are going to happen. They can even sense illness and the presence of spirits from other realms. These people are generally thought to be gifted to be able to perceive these things and to understand their perceptions.

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