Steal Like a Teacher: Where to find quick teaching ideas


We lecturers are the Greatest at stealing matters.

And I never mean that in a felony, nefarious way.

I think Austin Kleon explains it most effective in his book, Steal Like an Artist

Each and every artist will get requested the query, “In which do you get your ideas?” The trustworthy artist answers, “I steal them.” 

How does an artist glimpse at the world? Initially, you figure out what is actually value stealing, then you transfer on to the next issue. That is about all there is to it.

I imply, it only tends to make sense. We instructors are notoriously shorter on time. (When you approach your bathroom breaks in progress, it can be a very good sign that you happen to be time-strapped.)

Here is another matter about us teachers. We are also super generous. We share ideas with fellow educators, pupils … really everyone who can reward.

That implies there’s a good deal of good things out there, but it isn’t best for accurately what we will need to do.

So, what do we do?

We steal.* Then we remix, reuse and repurpose. We assign it to our students.

Then we transfer on to the next factor.

Want to get superior at this important skill — a little something that helps you get a lot more finished AND provide your students?

In this publish you will master …

  • How to come across fantastic materials you can use in class
  • How to steal it (copy, remix, change, and assign)
  • How to slice WAY down on flashcard sets and evaluate game titles you generate
  • How to obtain pre-written classes in common apps
  • How to find “duplicate, alter, and assign” lessons to use suitable absent

Know of a lot more means? Please share them in the comments below.  Because, you know … we’re generous … and we like to help other teachers’ stealing behaviors! 

*Note: Please constantly give credit score to the original creator. We absolutely do not indicate for anybody to steal other educator’s suggestions and go them off as their individual. Consider, borrow, steal and remix as you like, and is allowed by CC and/or the creator, but give a shout out to the primary creator when you share or current.

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