Step by Step Guide to Teaching Your Chinchilla Tricks


Chinchillas may look cute but they do not need lots of care and attention once they are brought home. If you don’t keep your pet amused even when it is cage then they can quickly become bored and unhappy. So if you are willing to do it is worth spending some time teaching yours a few chinchilla tricks that will keep it amused whilst in its cage or when allowed to roam.

By teaching them things it can help to prevent your chinchilla from becoming a destructive pet. The best way of doing this is by providing them toys that they can spend hours playing with and chewing. Be sure to avoid the plastic types as these may contain chemicals in them that could prove detrimental to your pet’s health.

Another thing that is worth considering is not just to buy one chinchilla on their own but two. They not only have someone that they can play with but will help each other to keep their coats looking great. To avoid the patter of small chinchilla feet it is best to purchase two females. But be aware that there may be occasions when your pets don’t get alone and so provide them with separate space if needed.

After bring your chinchilla home allow it time to settle in before you do actually attempt to try and teach it a trick. For the first few weeks it is far better if you allow yours to get used to its new surroundings and new owner. A chinchilla that is happy will trust you more and so respond to what you are trying to teach it to do more willingly.

Once they have settled now is the time to begin teaching them some tricks. The first one you should try to teach them is that they come to you when their name is called. Below we offer some tips on how to achieve this.

Step 1 – Start by saying your chinchilla’s name and then every time that they respond by turning towards you or looking at you provide them with a treat (raisin). You should do this twice a day for about one week.

Step 2 – Next you should again call your chinchilla’s name but this time you should hold the treat about 5cm away from them. Then provide them with it should they move towards you after their name has been called. Again practice this twice a day for a week.

Step 3 – We are now at week three and this time as you call your chinchilla’s name hold the raisin a distance of 10cm away from them. But rather than repeating this twice a day for one week you should be doing so for 2 weeks. Hopefully by the end of this time your chinchilla should be coming to you without the need for treats just by you calling their name.

When it comes to teaching your pet any new chinchilla tricks make sure that you don’t give them treats at any other times. Plus take your time over teaching them each new trick just as you did with teaching them to respond to their name being called.

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