Lines Start Stories – imaginED


By Holly BF Warren Lines start stories that unfold as you step into experiences. As you put one foot in front of the other, as you hold a pen, a paintbrush, a stick in the sand, a thread of thoughts that stitch an idea to another, a movement or a […]

Seeing With a Diversity of Eyes – imaginED


By Ira Rabois It all began one night when I got completely engrossed in viewing Japanese woodblock prints, primarily the evening scenes by Kawase Hasui. Hasui was a single of Japan’s most distinguished and prolific printmakers, who died in 1957. He made landscapes that fantastically merged humans–their homes, boats, shrines, […]

Greatest Science Book EVER? – imaginED


By Brandon Hendrickson  YouTube is a firehose of garbage: gossip, fake news, and conspiracy theories. It’s also the greatest science book humanity has ever written. Armed with YouTube, you can begin for your students a science education that, before ten years ago, the wealthiest people in the world couldn’t have […]

On the Windowsill of Imagination – imaginED


Holly BF Warren (atelierista/artwork studio trainer/multimedia artist) When we think we could stare into space, glance out from a window, doodle, fiddle with no matter what is at hand, touch our head, or play with our hair. Creativeness weaves into our thoughts and nudges us into the realm of prospects. […]

Transforming Schools and Communities – imaginED

Greetings fellow creativity accomplices! Our e book on creativity in leadership is completely ready for pre-order! (Publication date: March 24, 2023). Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Reworking Educational facilities and Communities provides a theoretical understanding of how creativity contributes to productive leadership, as properly as functional instruments all academic leaders can make use of […]