The Gartner Hype Cycle, Improv, Innovation, and Grit


Mike studies from the midst of a huge 7 days of Instruction and Innovation conference he’s attending in New York. In addition to showcasing his favorite classes from Quickly Company Innovation Festival and EdTech Week, we continue our storied custom of breaking down the recently launched Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Systems 2022 even though making connections to the globe of learning and the long run of perform alongside the way.

Gartner highlights 25 emerging technologies grouped into 3 categories: Evolving and Growing Immersive Activities, Accelerating AI Automation, and Optimized Technologist Supply. We immediately rattle them off prior to showcasing two sessions Mike attended this week: Wayne Brady’s session on Improv from the FC Innovation Fest and Angela Duckworth and Esther Wojcicki’s discussion from EdTech Week. There is loads to chew on as we return to the convention scene and consider to get out ahead of developments in research of the new hotness even though steering clear of the hype.

You can find out much more about what Wayne’s executing right here. Angela’s Character Lab is in this article. And Susan’s Tract Application is here. Many thanks as usually for listening.

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