Vocational Or Trade Degrees Take Money and Obama’s Scholarships For Moms Program May Help


Are you a working mom who hates her job but can’t just up and quit? Boring, low paying jobs seem to be about all many women can find when they have only a high school diploma (or less) to offer when applying for a job. Mother’s who seriously want to raise good kids, and stay off of welfare, must go back to school and get that education, but they may not want to become a doctor or lawyer or executive of any sort. She may love welding, or wish to be a plumber, electrician, or even a computer technician and is seeking a different kind of degree. This is where trades or vocational schools can become the perfect match.

There are a multitude of opportunities in the trades and vocational category for women to consider. If she already has credits earned at the local college or university, she does need to make sure they are transferrable to the trade school of her choice (they usually are). Many can choose their favored field be taken with an apprenticeship program as well.

Today employers are harder than ever to convince they should hire that working mom and all the baggage involved with having a family. Mothers need to take time off when kids are sick or have other special needs. No employer can discriminate against anyone for having children, of course, but they should not discriminate for many other reasons either, and we all know that they do. So working moms need to insure that future boss that she’s the best one for that job and having a degree goes a long way toward convincing them.

Trade School or vocational training can be extremely useful when a woman wants a career to be proud of, and a paycheck that will pay the bills. Many employers want their workers to have some sort of college degree or at least some college background before they consider hiring them. But single and working moms, are afraid they can’t afford the expense of that higher education. And this is where scholarship programs come in extremely handy. The Scholarships for Moms government grant program is there to help those who want and need to get ahead.

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